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Sparring with the Champ!!

Dan's postsPosted by Dan Tue, April 06, 2010 23:32:30

Today I spent the afternoon “sparring” with the slalom World CHAMP!! And it was a great work out!

Robby Swift was also in the ring and we sailed 8.6 and medium boards 1st and then the wind dropped a bit and we put on the 9.5’s and big beasts!!

I felt pretty good and could hold my own, but the “big man” has definitely got no end of speed and it is a matter of giving 150% at all times just keep in the game. It gave me a good indication of the level I’m working too and what I’ll need to do to win!

I am really happy with how the boards felt across the water. With the Mistral Slalom 110 (67cm wide) I was using a Tectonics Tallon 42cm and I liked the way it trimmed the board and has good top end acceleration. With the Mistral Slalom 140 (85cm wide) I used a Deboichet SL2 50cm. It’s also trimmed really nicely but I felt I was a little big in the gusts when I was really powered up, then I think a 48 would have been faster.

We sailed at a great and very quiet little spot on the north shore that gives a good variety of water states on one run, from perfectly flat, to choppy, to breaking waves and on to rolling swells!! I like to call the spot Poo beach and I’m not going to say anymore than that so it stays nice and quiet! ;)

Looks like the wind is back upto normal trades tomorrow so we’ll be back on the small stuff and having more fun out on the water!!


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